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Dj Mike St James Bio:

Well .... I guess to start, I'd say if my life were to be made into a reality show you wouldn't believe it & you'd be bored. My gaming background consists of Guild Wars & I know EXACTLY who's to blame for that fiasco. My radio background starts by falling into my 1st radio job accidentally at the tender age of 16.

How was I to know, I was being lured into a world of stupidity, music stuck in my head for decades & a never ending pursuit of the perfect show & the perfect sound. (only 1/2 of that is actually achievable) Since then, I've got 30+ years of radio experience & I try to bring that into each of my shows. I'm just a boring ol' DJ, however you guys are exciting to listen too ... (IKR) .... My teacher's said I could never learn. Yet I do, every time I talk to someone.

About Vintage Radio:

Vintage Radio, is exactly that .... it's what you remember about classic FM radio growing up. Great music from the 60's thru today. It's interesting stupid snippets from around the world that well .... just can't be made up. It's random calls to annoy people for your entertainment. It's all about you, the audience ...You are the best part of the show.

I'll see you in game & on the radio every Friday Night 7e /6c /4p for Vintage Radio. ( if you keep time in weird ways that's 2300 GMT)

We'll all make fun of Shippo together !!!!