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Hey Phoenix fans, since March 2017 we here at Phoenix Radio have been featuring an charity each month that is close to our hearts. Remember, we don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This Month's Organization

Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going to the hard places and walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. They’ve been serving through purposeful relief and development for over four decades. They believe in the fight against poverty, which is why they serve the vulnerable in over 20 countries globally. They’re moved and inspired by their Christian belief that every person has intrinsic value, and that it’s their responsibility to advocate for the poor and marginalized without regard to race, creed or nationality and without adverse distinction of any kind. They serve on the basis of need alone. They strive to respect the culture and customs of the people they serve in order to preserve their humanity and dignity. They provide life-changing resources such as clean water, medical aid, food, equal educational opportunities to girls and boys, vocational training and empowerment in the midst of unimaginable hardships. Their view of poverty is holistic and complex. They honor the people they serve by inviting them to contribute to the process. They are grateful to be invited into the communities they serve and work side-by-side with local leaders, responding to their needs with transformative solutions, which are both sustainable and implemented at the hands of the communities themselves. Their international staff belongs to the nations they serve–in fact, 98% of their staff work in their country of origin. They are not foreigners or outsiders offering a new way of life. They are sisters and brothers lifting the shared burden from the shoulders of their global family.

Remember, we here at Phoenix Radio don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

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