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Hey Phoenix fans, since March 2017 we here at Phoenix Radio have been featuring an charity each month that is close to our hearts. Remember, we don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This Month's Organization


8,030 veterans commit suicide a year. Veterans are 200% more likely to commit suicide after military service. 1 in 5 suicide deaths is a veteran.
All humbling but true statistics.
With this epidemic running through our ranks of veterans, we need to take a stand as a team. Twenty Two Until None hosts many events and attends many others to help our veterans in every way possible.
Twenty Two Until None is currently offering financial assistance, help with VA benefits, help transitioning to the civilian world, advocacy, wellness services, and camaraderie. They need your help to make this happen.
They ask you to take a stand and help them bring this number to zero.
We can only do this as a team, so join and let’s make this happen.

Remember, we here at Phoenix Radio don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This message is brought to you by your friends here at Phoenix Radio