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About Dj Dark and Gray Matter Industries

My name is Dark and I'm the owner and CEO here at Phoenix Radio. Got my start in radio in high school I ran a radio show called “The AM Radio Show” on Tuesday mornings. Since then, I joined the Navy and am still active duty. I got into internet radio in Guild Wars 2, I met a DJ for a different station, tuned in for two weeks, then had to join myself. I quickly moved up, from DJ (co-hosting the very show that brought me in) to HR, then in fact all the way to Chief Operations Officer (second in command). Immediately before leaving for deployment, I left that station and hand in hand with Bacon (Vice President here at Phoenix) we created this wonderful station at 1837 (6:37PM) on May 27, 2014. Over these last years, we've brought on over 50 teammates.

I now run the longest lasting show exclusive to Phoenix Radio, Gray Matter Industries, where I play anything from rock, metal, to country, folk, even some reggae and rap! I talk about stuff that make you think, sometimes I have unpopular opinions, but there is always room in my listener base for you! Tune in from 6-9pm pst only on Welcome to the Revolution!

So, tune in and let me Rock Your Mind!