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Dj GhostRider Bio:

I’m known as GhostRider on air, but my real name is April. I am 28 this September, and a mother to an amazing little girl known around here as DJ Gabby. She is my 8 year old daughter. I also recently became a mother again, to an amazing little boy on June 8th of this year, so I am fairly busy in real life. It’s hard to find time to game, let alone be a weekly on air host, and so I have stepped back and became a filler DJ around here, so that I can still DJ whenever life allows me to. Between work, college, doctors and kids, its hard to find time if you know what I mean, but I love being here at Phoenix and love helping where and when I can.

As far as radio background and music industry background, I’ve done my fair share of promoting for bands, and public relations as well as media for official events. I’ve also been an on-air personality for several years and ventured between different stations before finding my home here at Phoenix Radio.

I love music, and often times when I can find the time, I do promotions for bands. One of my larger projects is the band Gemini Syndrome, and I also find time to help out with I:Prevail but I also do things for smaller startup bands such as Cilver, City of the Weak, Anaria, Impending Lies ect. and I am also into helping Industrial Bands with promoting them (Ego Likeness, I:Scintilla, Cruxshadows) and a few metalcore bands as well (because that’s an ever evolving genre) I also am on the Street Team for the record label Fearless, so I basically do whatever I can for whatever bands signed for them, and help promote bands for them.

Other than the above, people know me as friendly, professional, and a gamer, and an open book, and so you can ask me anything 😊

As a Filler Dj:

As a filler DJ, I cover for staff who cannot make their regularly planned shows, or hop on air when no one else has the stream and I am able to do so. My shows name is Metal Madness with DJ GhostRider. The show is made up of several types of metal. I try to make it my goal on my show to introduce listeners to music they may have not heard before. I typically combine Industrial Metal with Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, Symphonic Metal, Dubstep, EDM, EBM, Death Core and Just Plain Old Metal, but definitely make it fun for the metal heads out there, and those who enjoy several types of music with great transitions. One thing is for sure, my show is FUN. Typically, I’d be in games such as Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends or World of Warcraft, but my Graphics Card cant support games at the moment, but come the new year, this won’t be an issue, so definitely stick around and listen to my show, I promise you’ll enjoy what you hear, and sometimes, you might even hear me taking requests

For updates with this Dj, click their photo above to check out their Facebook page. You can also check them out on Twitter @SynnerAprilM007