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Dj Odin Orion Bio:

I’ve played mmos for a LONG time (almost 20 years). I LOVE music…..probably more than you love your favorite food. I Love to share my passion for music with others.

About College Radio:

College Radio is a smorgasbord of genres of music. I play a bit of everything on occasion, though generally a smatter of 20 minute or so block of different genres. I do tributes to recently deceased musicians if the need arises. I ask trivia that requires my audience to pay attention to what has been played (complex questions). I do entire themed shows, and not JUST for holidays. I even on occasion give away entire shows of requests to winners. (you win you get to program an entire 3 hour show). I try to have fun, and impart a bit of musical knowledge, and hopefully expose you to something you might like but have never listened to before.