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Dj Post Man's Bio:

To start, I was a DJ when I was in the US Navy aboard the USS America CV-66.
I did a 4 hour show each night while at sea for the crew of the ship to entertain them.

When I retired from the Navy, I went to work for the US Postal Service (hence the name “The Post Man”).
As I retire again, I will now be delivering the hits for you our fans now.

While I was in game in Guild Wars one evening my lovely wife mentioned in game that I use to be a DJ in the Navy. I was told to apply and now here am at the Phoenix.

About Classic Rock Party:

It’s a party of great Classic Rock from the 70’s, 80’s and some 90’s we have all listened to and every now and then one of the past rockers that help start rock music. We have fun and dance in game in both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.
So join me on the radio and in game every Weds night @ 8e/7c and then again on Sat @ 9e/7c for Classic Rock Party.

Come join the Party and fun with us!
Make a new friend, stop by & see us.