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Dj Sister Creepy Bio:

Ever since I was young, music has always been my lifeline.  When the other little kids were saving up their money to buy baseball cards, comic books and other things young children buy, I was saving up MY money for Elvis Presley albums.  It didn't take me long before I realized even at a young age that music seemed to make even the worst day ever seem bearable.

Guild Wars was the first game/mmorpg that I've ever played.  A friend of mine had gotten the game and she was telling me how much fun it was and told me I needed to buy it and check it out.  Never had I ever had any interest in "gaming". Well, I broke down with a lot of hesitation and bought the Guild Wars Trilogy.  The rest is gaming history.  I have met so many awesome people behind the characters that have become cherished friends in real life. I started dj'ing a few years after my first login into Guild Wars. I have dj'd for a couple in-game radio stations before joining up with Phoenix Radio and loved it.

About Carnival of Chaos:

Put those headphone on, turn it up and let's listen to some music together.  Carnival of Chaos is always less talk and MORE rock.  When I set up my shows I tend to stick to hard rock and classic rock but I've got a plethora of music so you don\'t know what you might hear. Join me Tuesday evenings at 7PM EST in Lions Arch up on the hill.  I will be there with the rest of my friends rockin' out.  If you want to hear a particular song, just pm me.  If I have it, I'll get it on for you, if not I will find it for the next show.