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About Runa Xandrill and When Music and a Gamer Unite

I've been listening to music ever since I can remember, and what I remember most is the album-oriented rock that made a distinct impression on my younger self in the mid to late 70s/early 80s. So much so that when I first developed my show here at Phoenix, I wanted to bring that AOR sound that I loved so much growing up back while adding in my love of gaming. My main gaming love is Guild Wars 2, but I also have a love of arcade games, RPGs/JRPGs, visual novel games, card games.. pretty much anything besides first-person shooters.

When Music and a Gamer Unite was first developed in the spring of 2016 with the concept of 3 hours of AOR mixed with soul, funk, dance, and other various genres from the late 60s through the present. Gaming news was added in 2017, and Music/Gamer relaunched on Phoenix in 2018. The 3 hour show is every Sunday starting at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/2300 GMT.