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Hey Phoenix fans, since March 2017 we here at Phoenix Radio have been featuring an charity each month that is close to our hearts. Remember, we don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This Month's Organization

Operation Surf is a non-profit organization, founded by Van Curaza, which develops programs that seek to provide results-driven, nature-based programs advocating the restorative power of the ocean and surfing as a form of wellness for injured bodies, minds, and souls.

 Their mission is to help wounded and injured active-duty military and veteran heroes move forward in a positive direction through an epic, life-changing surfing experience that builds confidence and healing. One wave at a time.

They believe this is best accomplished by continuing to provide healthy, alternative recreational options for people with disabilities, disenfranchisements, and various forms of pain. Through the power of surfing, we can help them heal.

Remember, we here at Phoenix Radio don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This message is brought to you by your friends here at Phoenix Radio