Phoenix Cares

Hey Phoenix fans, since March 2017 we here at Phoenix Radio have been featuring an charity each month that is close to our hearts. Remember, we don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

This Month's Organization

Diabetes of America is a practical online resource center that educates and supports the diabetic community in an easy to understand format. Thier daily cooking and interacting Facebook page keeps everyone involved, motivated, and up to date.

Their core focuses involve building and supporting theyr brick and mortar Success Groups. Their Success Groups get together once a month to share ideas, experiences, and resources. The Success Groups are focused on improving the lives of those effected with diabietes through small victories each month using the 5 key pillars of health. The Success Group gives everyone a chance to meet up with like minded diabetics or friends and family of someone effected by diabetes.

Remember, we here at Phoenix Radio don't care WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING!

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