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Dj Elsa Bio:

Every kingdom needs a queen and I have finally arrived couldn’t let these guys have all the fun without me! In all actuality this is my first radio job, I have always wanted to be a part of the radio world and it just never worked out, and it finally has. I love connecting with people, talking and getting to know people and this is just another way I plan on doing so. I can’t wait to sink my claws and teeth in and get started with this new adventure. The real question is, are ya’ll ready?

I am brand new to the gaming world as well, I just started playing Guild Wars 2 and have just figured out how not to kill myself, and so as much as I can’t wait to try out new games, I should probably learn how to play better before I venture too far into the gaming world.


About Moonstorm Tavern:

Moonstorm, is a mix of everything; could be country, could be alt rock, could be classical, you’ll just have to tune in to see what the storm is like that night. I listen to EVERY type of music so you really never know what you will hear, I hope to keep my listeners on their toes and give them music they have never heard before and have them walking away with new favorites. When you tune in, you’ll get to hear Queen Elsa in all her glory: keeping people in line, sharing interesting tid bits, rocking out to awesome tunes and hopefully not getting the pink slip from HR too much…..although getting in trouble is pretty fun so Shippo might want to install a revolving door to his office because I might be in there quiet a bit.

Tune in every Friday night 7pm to 10pm Pacific time, to see what storm is upon us.